Xiosia ~ Ancient Dermorian pronunciation (khi-o-see-ah) Harm None... Do what thou wilt. Honor The Goddess in all.
Daughters Of Xiosia

Ancient Dermorian pronunciation (khi-o-see-ah) "Harm none, do what though wilt"

The Daughters are dedicated followers and protectors of the sacred teachings of Xiosia, the Mother Goddess, who sustains us all. Each Daughter's oath to the collective is revered to be the most binding of all, for those who take the oath to the Daughters are also binding their fate to the Great Mother.

Xiosia is the creator of all living entities in nature, birthing all plants, creatures, mountains and bodies of water. She also presides over the transition of true death, for all that dies is reborn. Her stories and the Ruqua Tree both have roots in the earliest Elvish traditions. The highest devotion to the Goddess, of The Daughters of Xiosia, is universal love and respect for each other and all in nature.

All Daughters act in peace and non-violence except in cases of hunting for food and survival [training]. When a Daughter does slay a beast she should make amends with offerings and prayers to Xiosia and the slain entity. A senseless killing is an act against the guild and the Great Mother. The Wards of Xiosia are a special coven set aside for those that would protect and defend and they are held to a higher standard of honor and just actions, when it comes to their vows as guardians.

All Daughters are committed to always taking time to introduce themselves to and assist new female arrivals coming into the city of Hydlaa, many of whom may be in need of tria, food and warm clothing. It is the philosophy of the guild that all females are Daughters of the Goddess, whether initiated or not.

The Daughters practice collective consensus and refuse to recognize a hierarchical structure within the guild. Every guild member has a platform to voice her opinion and make positive suggestions; all decisions are made collectively with a majority vote. Each guild member is treated with equal respect regardless of level of skill or training, we are here to support one another not to out rank each other in knowledge, power or financial status. All guild members are invaluable from prophetic priestess to hard working miner. There will be no status or title within the guild that would give power over one Daughter by another. Slavery is a form of oppression, against the mission and against the law.

All Daughters are encouraged to learn the stories and sacred teachings of Xiosia, spend time meditating and divining in Jardet's Secret Garden under the sacred Ruqua Tree and to participate in Xiosian ceremonies, rituals and festivals. The Daughters celebrate and rejoice in all the ever changing seasons and landscape as it is acknowledgement of Xiosias divine intervention. Sacred times of the year include Mid-Unodin, a time to bless the newly planted crops and Mid-Azhord, a time to celebrate and give thanks to the success of the harvest.

All females entering the Daughters of Xiosia, will be asked to attend an initiation ceremony, where they will speak their vows before Xiosia, the Daughters and the Sacred Ruqua Tree. At this ceremony the newly initiated Daughter will receive the DOX amulet and should always wear it with honor as a reminder of their vows and to represent their affiliation to the Daughters within the community of Hydlaa.

Read Covens descriptions to learn about roles Daughters may take on within the guild.


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